After purchasing a new smartphone, most people first buy a screen protector and a durable case. While a case and screen protector is essential in keeping your investment safe, some awesome accessories improve the way you use your phone. You may have overlooked these accessories for your smartphone, but you won’t treat your phone the same way ever again.

Stand, Wallet, Grip, Mount

Ever dropped your phone on yourself while lying down on the couch? PopSocket and MOFT offer a secure handle so you can handle your phone with one hand, snap better photos, and save yourself from drops. The handgrip on both options also doubles as a stand so you can watch your videos hands-free. If you need extra versatility, the two options even triple as a secure way to carry your essential cards on your phone. Both accessories offer solutions in mounting your device, with a magnet with MOFT and a (purchased separately) PopMount.

Listen Cable-Free

With the increased competition in the industry, good wireless headphones have been more affordable than ever. Wireless headphones allow you to listen to your phone’s audio without being tied down to your phone. You can listen to your favorite podcast while cooking and listen to music during your jog without a cord tugging on your ears. We have a list of recommended affordable headphones here if Apple’s AirPods are a little out of your budget.

Smartphone on your Wrist

A smartwatch can make a great companion for your phone. A smartwatch can conveniently send you notifications to your wrist so you won’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket. Smartwatches also allow you to make phone calls directly from the watch as well as provide vital health monitoring, most featuring a heart rate sensor and activity monitor. Check out our smartwatch buying guide to get more details and find the perfect watch for you.

Enhance Your Selfie Game

A selfie stick allows you to raise your phone higher, giving you unique angles. The selfie stick also solves a problem that plagues most other selfie sticks. You still need to reach up to the phone to press the shutter button. The Xiaomi selfie stick is equipped with a Bluetooth remote, so users can press a button to take a picture or start video recording. This selfie stick also becomes a foldable tripod to capture steady video and photos.

Juice Up Your Phone Without the Cord

If you recently purchased a flagship phone in the last few years, chances are it can wirelessly charge. A wireless charger provides convenience place your phone on the charger, and within a couple of hours, your phone will be fully charged. Best of all, wireless chargers won’t hurt the bank. Using wireless chargers can also provide longevity to your charging port, continuous use of the charging port on your device can cause wear and tear, using a wireless charger can prevent that.

Extra Charging Equipment

It’s best to have extra charging equipment for your phone in your car and everyday carry. You never know when you’ll be in a pinch. If you are prone to traveling frequently, we suggest grabbing a portable battery bank for those times you need extra power.