The humble charging cable. People do not appreciate its value and importance until your smartphone is running low on battery. We have compiled a list of charging cables that fit various use cases. We use these daily and couldn’t imagine going without them.

Charging Cable for the Nightstand

Native Union’s charging cable is perfect for charging your phone at the nightstand. The cable is durable, featuring an ultra-strong reinforced structure. The company boasts that its 10,000 bend lifespan makes it six times stronger than standard lightning cables. The weighted knot makes it convenient to leave the charger on any elevated surface.

One Cable to Rule Them All

If you’re carrying an iPhone, Nintendo Switch, and a Camera, chances are you will need a Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB cable. Remove clutter from your tech pouch by only carrying one cable to charge most devices. The Anker Powerline II is a 3-in-1 cable (Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB) with interchangeable connectors to charge any of your devices.

Need to Charge Multiple Devices at Once?

The Chafon Multi Charging Cable is my go-to when I need to charge multiple devices at once. This compact charging cable supports charging five devices at a time. While it does not support data or fast charge, the cable is versatile and perfect when you’re in a pinch.

Charging Cable with Extra Juice

We’ve all been here – you brought your cable, but there is no outlet in sight. Upon searching your bag, you realize you left your bulky battery bank at home to save on some weight. Your phone is on 1%, and you need to catch an Uber or make this one last phone call to end the night. Fear not, the Nomad Battery Cable is durable and charges an internal battery whenever you usually use the cable with pass-through charging technology. The 2,800Mah battery will get you through on a pinch.

Cut the Fancy Features! I Want a Durable Charging Cable

Sometimes you need a standard charging cable to replace the one that came in the box. Perhaps the factory charging cable lasted you a couple of months, but it finally gave out. Get yourself a premium nylon charging cable that will last you years to come. Surprisingly these cables are much more affordable than you would think; we have listed some well-rated ones below.