Nintendo won back its fans with its Nintendo Switch, a “hybrid” console that allows you to play triple-A games anywhere! You might’ve bought yourself this amazing console or received it as a gift, here is a list of must-have accessories that you need for your Nintendo Switch.

Screen Protector

The Nintendo Switch is not a cheap console; the chances are that you will use the Nintendo Switch outside of the dock at one point or another. To many people’s surprise, the Nintendo Switch’s screen is plastic, not glass. While the screen won’t crack from falls as a glass screen would, it is much more susceptible to scratches. You do not want a scratch that will distract you from gameplay. We’ve used this screen protector for many months, and the screen is still perfect. 

Dock Sock

After docking your Nintendo Switch repeatedly, the dock will also scratch your screen. If you distaste the idea of a screen protector, we highly suggest a Dock Sock. There are a wide variety of designs that will enhance the appearance of your Nintendo Switch Dock as well as protector your screen from scratches that can be caused by the docking and undocking the Nintendo Switch.

Storage Expansion

The Nintendo Switch comes with 32 Gigabytes of internal storage. The 32gb storage may hold a few games, but if you tend to download your games instead of using physical cartridges for the games you love, thirty-two gigs won’t cut it. That’s why you should invest in a MicroSD Card for the titles that need the extra storage. Whichever you purchase, make sure the MicroSD card is Class 10 and at least XC1 for proper performance.

Convenient Charging

Out of the box, the only way to charge your Joy-Con controllers is by sliding them into the Switch, and the only way to charge a Pro Controller is through a USB-C cord. Purchase a charging dock that will charge all your controllers easily.

Pro Controller for Those Long Play Sessions

While on the subject of controllers, Nintendo’s first-party option is the best wireless controller you can buy. The Pro Controller is comfortable for extended use, and if you plan to kick back and use your Nintendo Switch in docked mode, the Pro Controller is a must-have. Pair it with the charging dock, and you have yourself the best-docked Switch experience.

Bluetooth Adapter

While you can connect wired headphones through the built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, some players want the convenience and freedom offered by Bluetooth headphones. Luckily, third-party manufacturers have created a solution. Using a Bluetooth Adapter, you can connect and play video games with your existing Bluetooth headphones.

Durable Carrying Case

When going on trips, you might need a carrying case for your Nintendo Switch. Organize your games, cables, and controllers in a case that holds everything together. A carrying case helps you stay organized, and you won’t be searching for your beloved Mario Party game cartridge in your backpack ever again.

Charging Case

If you’re living the portable console life, the most significant limiting factor in gaming is battery life. Get a charging case that provides an all-around solution. It extends your game time, includes storage for your extra games, protects your console, and has better kickstands for table-top play.

Battery Bank for Non-Inturrpted Play

For those portable console nomads that don’t want the extra bulk on their Switch but need the extra battery life, a portable battery pack is a way to go. You can use one to charge all your mobile devices giving each device a second life.

Proper Kick Stand

If you enjoy playing with your Switch on a table or an airplane, you may have already realized that the built-in kickstand is a little flimsy with only one angle. Pick up Nintendo’s Adjustable Charging Stand. It connects to the USB-C AC adapter to charge your system as you play, and you can also control the angle as you like.

Ethernet Cable for Online Gaming

Nintendo offers great online titles such as Splatoon 2 and Smash Bros Ultimate; however, all Switch fans know the pain of spotty internet connection. Prevent some lag with a Nintendo Switch ethernet adapter so you can wire you Switch to the internet. Remember, this needs an ethernet connection from your Switch dock to your router.