If you recently got a compact camera, you may need these gadgets to capture the perfect shot. We compiled a list of accessories that will surely take your photos and videos to the next level.

Precise Shooting with a Mini Tripod

It’s much easier to line up that perfect shot with a tripod. Having a mini tripod in your arsenal can be helpful when you need to take a still shot of a close-up option.

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod has a dual purpose as a handgrip to capture great videos as well as a lightweight mini tripod. It boasts an attritive design and is intuitive with a push locking mechanism for easy setup.

For more adjustability and robust build, consider the Neewer Portable Desktop Mini Tripod. It is constructed with aluminum and offers more adjustability than the Manfrotto PIXI Mini in exchange for portability.

Camera Lens Options

For photography, it is best to use specific lenses for specific shots or scenes. The type of camera lens is dependent on the kind of photography you are going to take as well as the camera. We strongly recommend you consult a proper guide to choose the perfect camera lens to suit your camera. Many great camera lenses will be costly, but if you’re starting, we recently discovered an affordable 35mm f1.7 lens by Fotasy. This lens is unique for portrait photography, the sharpness in the center is clear, but the border is soft, not making it suitable for landscape photos. This particular lens is compatible with Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras, but a variety of adapters exist on Amazon.

Steer Clear From the Stock Microphone

When you’re shooting video from a camera, the built-in microphone may be adequate; however, getting excellent audio for your video is attainable without hurting the bank. Grab the PIXEL MC650 Camera Microphot Kit; this external directional shotgun microphone will make your audio sound professional. The cardioid pattern ensures the audio is focussing on the subject rather than the attenuating sounds. This includes sound from the sides and behind the camera. The kit comes with a windjammer to minimize wind noise when recording outdoors and also provides gain adjustment to prevent distortion when recording in loud environments.

LED Lighting

Proper lighting will go a long way in contributing to better photos and videos. A decent camera with adequate lighting will vastly outperform an expensive high-end camera with poor lighting. When looking for lighting options, we sought lights with efficiency and opportunities for adjustability. Different applications require different types of lighting; we have listed a couple of great options below.

Run and Gun – Aputure AL-M9 Amaran LED Mini Light

A powerful, pocket-sized LED fill light. Flexibility makes it suitable for run and gun video as well as macro product photography.

Studio Experience – Neewer LED Video Light Kit

A lighting kit for studio-like photography, the kit comes with stands, replaceable batteries, filters, and a carrying bag. The light is bright and offers adjustable brightness. The lights can also mount to any standard hot shoe on most DSLR, digital video cameras, and tripods.

Tabletop Photography – Neewer Photo Studio Light Box

Need to shoot photos of small objects like jewelry? A light box is an excellent option for you. It allows you to take professional-like images of products by controlling lighting and offering reflective surfaces.