Perhaps you’re planning to design your room to make it more appealing, or possibly creating a beautiful desk set up. Every excellent place needs appropriate lighting. The following are some top table options to light up your room without being a dull lamp.

Fire It Up

This flame lamp can create a memorable ambiance that impresses. Feel comfortable and relaxed with this decorative mood light. The light can offer to develop warm atmospheric lighting as well as make a beautiful night light.

Stacking Hexagons

Customize and stack up hexagonal blocks to create your shape. The Smart LED light can create more than 16 colors and amazing effects to set a joyful or romantic mood. It also works seamlessly with Amazon Alex and Google Assistance to enhance your smart home set up.

Changing RGB Touch Lamp

This table lamp features a touch sensor with dimmable color changing RGB. The design is versatile and works well with most setups. Just one tap toggles varying levels of brightness.

Vintage Meets Modern

Perhaps your setup calls for a touch of vintage. Feel free to pair up a vintage style table lamp with a smart LED Bulb such as Phillips Hue or LIFX. Here is a great pairing option for some inspiration.

Affordable Strip Lights for Ambiance

Smart LED Strip offerings from Phillips Hue can be an expensive option, we have found a LED Strip Light that offers similar functionality at a fraction of the cost. The LED Strip can be used behind furniture or TVs to create mood and ambiance in your room. Pair this up with traditional smart bulbs to change the color of the room. This LED Strip also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance for convenient voice control.